Monday, 17/06/2024

Resource Arg Bac Giang


In recent years, we aware of the importance of the raw materials, we always attach importance to building a large material areas in Bac Giang. We invest directly for farmers in the province through the village leaders, center of agricultural, the province's forestry communes and districts of Bac Giang

We directly provide seed, plant protection drugs for poor farmers.

That way, we have built up a large area of ​​raw materials for production

1. Materials baby cucumbers area:
Currently we have built up a wide area baby cucumbers throughout the province of Bac Giang, with an area of 200 ha, this area can ensure that it provides from 300 containers per season and provide material for other companies in Vietnam to production

The Social is our investment in growing cucumbers as follows:
Tan Yen District:  Quang Tien, Viet Lap, Cao Xa, Phuc Hoa, Phuc Son, An Duong,

Luc Nam District: Dong Phu, Tam Di
Lang Giang District: Quang Thinh, Huong Son, Tan Thinh

2. Vùng cà chua bi.
Hiện Nay vùng cà chua bi của chúng tôi đảm bảo có thể cung cấp từ 20-30 containers/vụ