Wednesday, 24/04/2024

Technology english

BAC GIANG FOODSTUFF AND AGRI PRODUCT PROCESSING FACTORY (AGREXPORT BAC GIANG). All equiments has imported from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, England, China....

we have got some systems as follows:

1. system of processing of canned pineapples


-       cutting and pelling machine has imported from ThaiLand, cutting speed: 120 fruit/minute.

-       Cutting slices pineapples machine: it has  imported Taiwan: it can cut 120 fruits/minutes

-       Automatical Vacuum and seaming machine: it has imported Japan

-       Automatical Mix syrup system: it has imported Taiwan

-       Pasteurization: its has imoported Taiwan. It lenght 40 meter. Per hours can make 3,000 tins. It separate 2 different temperature (warm within 25 minutes at 90 degrees, cooling temperatture within 20-25 minutes depend on per products)

2. systems of processing pickled cucumber

- Washing machine

- Auto filling syrup

- Auto mix syrup

- Auto pasteurization

* with this system, we can provide around 300 containers per year.

3. System of processing tomato

we can supply around 30-50 containers tomato per year.

4. System for produce chilli sauce

with this system we can provide 10 fcls 40'H per month   


5. Produce canned lychees in light syrup

we produced and exported about 15-20 containers of canned lychees per year

Volume: 580 ml, 850 ml, 3100 ml

Crop: June- July.